New Ohio Section Youth Net

Katherine Campbell, KE8LQR (Ohio Section Assistant Youth
Coordinator) and Bernadette Wagner, KE8LWO will be heading
up a new net for youth in Ohio.

Ohio Section Youth Net
Announcing a new net:
● When: The second Sunday of every month at 7:30 PM EST, starting April 10th, 2022
● Where: The K8IV repeater located in Kent, Ohio RF:146.895 Mhz with PL tone of 118.8 or outside of
the coverage area of the repeater via Echolink Node K8BF-L
● Who: Any licensed amateur radio operator who wishes to participate. Priority will be given to youth
stations and those located in Ohio.
● The purpose of this net is to encourage youth activity in amateur radio and to help new hams get more
comfortable on the air.

To promote activity on the new net, Katie and Bernadette have come up with a few ice breaker questions for the OSYN:

  1. What is your favorite ham radio-related activity?
  2. When did you get licensed?
  3. Have you ever attended a hamfest?
  4. Do you know CW, and if not, do you plan to learn it at some point?
  5. Favorite activity or hobby outside of ham radio?
  6. What made you want to get licensed?
  7. What mode do you mainly operate with?
  8. Do you have your own radio? If so, which one?
  9. Have you joined any ham radio clubs? Local or National
  10. Have you ever checked into a net before?
  11. Do you play any musical instruments? If so, which ones?
  12. Are you involved in sports? If so, which ones?
  13. Have you ever operated in Field day or another on the air contest?
  14. Would you be interested in “home-brew” projects for ham radio gear?