Greene County Ham Radio 4-H Club Update

The new 4-H club in Greene County, based on the hobby we all know so well, will hopefully be able to start meeting! At the February XWARN meeting, Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer informed us that the meetings, which will take place at the Greene County Fairgrounds, are expected to begin mid– to late March. In a previous meeting, XWARN voted to donate an IC-7300 radio to the club. However, another radio operator in Ohio graciously donated the same radio in like new condition. In addition, a brand new Yaesu 991A will be available to the club for use. Randy Benson, who pushed for the antenna used for the 4-H club, has unfortunately passed away, so please keep his family in your thoughts. The antenna, which would have been approximately two thousand dollars, has been donated by the antenna company in Randy’s name. Make sure you spread the word and encourage youth to join!

-Wavelengths February 2021 Newsletter-